My second book titled, THE BIBLICAL LIFE of KING DAVID, has been published.  I am so excited!!!  The Biblical Life of King David is also the result of a bible study.  However this book is written to be read like a novel, but with frequent scriptures injected to allow you to reference your bible.


The publisher, Christian Faith Publishing, will make this book available soon on multiple media sites.  These sites will include Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Stay tuned.  I will announce when it is ready here and on my Facebook page.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.         

FINALLY, THE BIBLICAL LIFE OF KING DAVID, is here!!!  It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  You may go to Amazon, and do a title search of my name, Freddie Butler.  Any book authored by me will come to the front.  This book is approximately $16.00.  I welcome any encouragement or constructive criticism.  You may use the email link on this site.