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Meet the author Freddie L. Butler Jr. I am 64 years old. I have been married more than 38 years to my very supportive wife Sandra. We have two sons Jason and Jonathan. We are a military family. My father was a World War II veteran of the United States Army. I and both our sons are veterans of the United States Marines.

I exited the military after four years of service. I pursued a career in Law Enforcement. First as a municipal police officer for 13 years. Then I joined the Missouri State Highway Patrol in 1996 and retired with more than 21 years of service. I am currently a full-time deputy sheriff with the county agency where I reside. I currently have more than 39 years of public service in Law Enforcement and still counting!!!

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior in November 1981. I knew my calling into ministry was to be a “teacher”. At the time I did not know it would lead to publishing, but here I am.

I pray you find this book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed, to be helpful, and recommendable.

Thank You

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