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After two years of studying and teaching the book of Revelation to a few in a small country church, I felt led by God to share this information with many more.  

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed, answered most of my questions about the book of Revelation.  I pray that it does the same for you.     

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed

The book of Revelation is outlined in five sections:

  • Chapters 1-3, the church age.

  • Chapters 4-5, events in Heaven.

  • Chapters 6-19, events of the future tribulation.

  • Chapter 20, events of the millennium.

  • Chapters 21-22, events of the new Heavens and new Earth.


In the first three chapters Jesus is addressing the churches.  At the beginning of Chapter 4, the rapture has occurred and the church is in Heaven.  Those left behind on the earth begin to experience the tribulation in Chapters 6-19.  Jesus returned to the earth with a heavenly host for the 1000 year reign during the Millennium in Chapter 20.  Finally in Chapters 21-22, the enemies of God have already been defeated and there is no more curse.

The book of Revelation in the bible is a story of triumph for the church and a book of judgement for those who did not receive the free salvation offered through the suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven, of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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