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The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed


The author, Freddie L. Butler Jr., an ordained minister, has by the help of almighty God prayerfully attempted to explain each chapter by verse in the book of Revelation. This quest began in a small country church with a class that my Pastor authorized called the “Believer’s Class.” During the very first class in September 2013, those attending requested that the subject taught and discussed in this class be the book of Revelation. It took two years to write and teach the content of this book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed.

The first five words of Revelation in your bible are actually the title (Revelation 1:1). The book of Revelation contains events that have been concealed but are now revealed through this book in the bible.

My prayer is that as you read your bible the book of Revelation will no longer be the book in the bible to be avoided, but instead will be the book that peak your interest.

"I got my book in yesterday.  I think it's awesome.  You set it up so that it's like it's own believer's class.  The first thing I noticed is that it requires the reader to get in their bible.  As the author, you are pointing back to the Bible (which is Jesus) instead of writing from self authority.  You're basically shifting the glory to Jesus and rarely do people do that anymore.  Brother, you are the real deal and I'm proud for you.  This is an awesome book."

Mark (Reader)

​I really enjoyed this book, basically a word for word visual tour through the book of Revelations.

Sam (Reader)

I have read the last chapter of the Bible several times, a few of those times was late at night unto the early morning. I have read it from the beginning to the end and what I imagined in my mind is exactly what was put forth in this book, what a great depiction of the text it was.

​Donna (Reader)


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